Smartmote Neptun

Smartmote Neptun is a cloud based web and database application for operating wireless sensor networks.


  • Access to raw recorded and real time sensor data
  • Freely configurable automatic filtering of data, calculation of derived data and automatic analysis/assessment
  • Visualization of raw data, filtered data, thressholds and data augmented sensor network topography
  • Interactive data analysis, on demand real time data correlation and plotting features
  • Augmented monitoring project documentation, including interactive reports and integrated real time data visualization and alarm status
  • Maintenance of wireless sensors, including configuration and over the air firmware updates
  • Email notification regarding system status, thressholds excursion alarms and periodic automatic reports
  • Automated control response to thresshold excursions, including wireless control commands based on programmable data filters
  • Monitoring project access control management
  • REST interface for real time import and export of 3rd party monitoring data

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